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This site will host web pages for qualified university departments and other affiliated institutions and bodies.
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Academic Programs (faculties and departments)
Faculty of Science
1. Biology
2. Chemistry
3. Computer Science
4. Mathematics
5. Physics
Faculty of Engineering
1. Civil Engineering
2. Electrical Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Architectural Engineering
Faculty of Commerce and Economics
1. Economics
2. Accounting
3. Business Administration
Faculty of Arts
1. Arabic Language and Literature
2. English Language and Literature
3. Sociology and Anthropology
4. Education and Psychology
5. History and Political Science
6. Philosophy and Cultural Studies
7. Geography
8. Languages and Translation
9. Physical Education
10. Media Studies
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Faculty of Graduate Studies (Masters Programs)
Masters Programs
1. Contemporary Arab Studies
2. Arab Islamic History
3. International Studies
4. Democracy and Human Rights
5. Economics
6. Education
7. Law
8. Community and Public Health
9. Sociology
10. Water Engineering
11. Gender, Law and Development
12. Business Administration
13. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
13. Graduate Program in Scientific Computing
Post Graduate Diplomas
1. Primary Healthcare (Supervision and Training)
2. Gender, Law and Development
3. Medical Laboratory Technology
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Centers, Institutes and Institutions
1. Institute of Community and Public Health
2. The Institute of Women's Studies
Graduate Institute of International Studies
4. The Institute of Law (has its own server)
5. Palestinian Institute of Archaeology
6. Media Institute and Media Resources Center
7. Center for Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
8. Center for Continuing Education
9. Development Studies Program
10. Birzeit Information Technology Unit
11. Palestine and Arabic Studies - International Studies Program
12. National Conservatory of Music
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