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The Helen Kattan Computer Center has developed Ritaj- BZU Academic Portal- to stand strong as an internationally recognized University. All BZU members who carry a valid BZU ID number are eligible for Ritaj services. When you call for support, please be prepared to provide your civil ID number (Haweyyah) to Ritaj personnel for identity confirmation purposes.

New students usually get their passwords from the registrar office only the first time they register at Birzeit University; afterwards they can get help from Ritaj lab supervisor at ext.2995 housed in the Kamal Nasir Building, while new faculty members can get their accounts activated by the help desk supervisor at ext.2012.

Part-time employees need to call or stop by the Human Resources department to get a BZU ID number that is valid on Ritaj and then give that number to the help desk supervisor.

Ritaj has a very user friendly and simple looking interface, it is very easy to navigate as well. Through Ritaj, BZU students can register their classes, exchange memos, receive course messages from their instructors, search the library books, read their course contents, look up their grades and QPA, and stay updated on their academic and financial records.

On the other hand, instructors can exchange memos with their students and other members, post course contents, send course messages to students, search library books and stay updated on their personal financial records. There is also a new feature on Ritaj that allow some faculty members to reserve certain classrooms at campus for different purposes called "Room Reservation System".

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In case you forgot your Ritaj password, you can get help by completing the on-line form that is accessed by clicking the "Forgot your password" link on Ritaj home page. You can also call the help desk supervisor in case you have any question or couldn't complete the form for any reason.

When you call for help, please make sure that you answer the help desk's questions correctly, such as your birth date and your civil ID number-HAWEYYAH-. The Help Desk personnel is available daily from 8:00AM to 4:00PM at (02) 298-2012 and from 8:00PM to midnight at (02) 281-206.

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Ritaj Bulletin Board is an area on Ritaj Web system where University general related messages are posted for all Ritaj users. Ritaj bulletin board is created for academic purposes only, this is why not all users have permission to post messages on this board, only some faculty members and staff has permission to post messages on it. Other members though can exchange messages through a different designated section on Ritaj dedicated for exchanging memos between users.

To post a message on Ritaj bulletin board, you need to send it to: Please make sure that you include your name, department and the title of the message. Students can't post messages on the bulletin board, they can only exchange memos.

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