Unit for Learning Innovation and Training

ULI designs, pilots and provides training in innovative relevant replicable learning models which strengthen Palestinian institutions’ human resource and organizational capacity. The ULI serves individuals and institutions, through short and long term training and training of trainers (TOT) and continuing Professional Development - Diploma programs and specialized courses, while promoting 21st Century Skills and Educational Best Practice. E-learning is integrated as an ideal vehicle for continually updating knowledge and skills (continuous learning) allowing students to remain current and productive throughout their lifetimes.
The ULI also actively promotes the establishment of a network of Learning Innovation Teams inside universities - through partnership and capacity building - to ensure that innovations and 21st century educational reform models (customized to Palestine through designed based research) are institutionalized and propagated throughout their own institutions and the national educational system. The LITs network expands exponentially as team members train colleagues within their own, and other educational institutions, building a critical mass of change agents working together to develop innovative solutions and effectively lead and sustain national educational reform - catalyzing advances in basic, tertiary, vocational and special education, in teacher professional training and non-formal education.