(Arabic) Gender Indicators in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip: The Beijing Conference Recommendations as Reference

Nader Said, Ayman Abdul-Majeed


This study aims to prepare quantitative and qualitative indicators on the different themes of the Beijing Platform for Action in the Palestinian context. The study develops gender indicators and collects relevant data as a necessary research and evaluation tool for developing indicators to reflect quantitative and qualitative aspects involved in the lives of women. It highlights the disadvantages of inequality among women themselves, and between women and men, in the context of various social, demographic and economic changes. The study is divided into four parts: Part One provides an overview of institutions involved in preparing gender indicators. Part Two provides a summary of human development indicators in Palestine and gender relevance. Part Three presents gender indicators according to the main themes of the Beijing Conference, and briefly goes through the available sources of data, suggesting complementary indicators and other aspects to be developed. Part Four suggests a gender index for Palestine, according to the Beijing themes. Due to the importance of this research, questionnaires were filled after interviews with 36 experts to explore and evaluate different gender-related indicators.

This Publication is Only Available in Arabic