EU-Funded Tempus project

The Department of Electrical Engineering at Birzeit University won an EU-Funded Tempus project to develop an MSc. program in Electrical Engineering. This project is a result of fruitful cooperation between University of Salford-UK (grant coordinator) and Birzeit University, mainly the project main coordinator Dr. Haifa Takruri – UoS and Dr. Muhammad abu-khaizaran – BZU  the coordinator for all Palestinian partners. This project will be implemented in partnership with UoS - UK, ESTIA engineering school - france,  University of Ruse – Bulgaria, UTCN – Romania, and Palestinian partners (Palestine Polytechnic University, Khadouri University, and private sector institutions including PITA and Jerusalem Electricity Company). The project is expected to assist the exchange of experiences between the participating universities and develop a MSc. program in the Birzeit University- Faculty of Engineering. The total budget of this three-year project is about 940,000.00 Euros.