CSE Advisory Plan

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1|First Year 1|Fall Semester 1|1|317|ENME120 :WORKSHOP||
1|First Year 1|Fall Semester 1|1|318|ENGC141 :ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS - (B)||
1|First Year 1|Fall Semester 1|1|368|ARAB135 :ARABIC LANGUAGE SKILLS 1||
1|First Year 1|Fall Semester 1|1|369|MATH141 :CALCULUS AND ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY 1||
1|First Year 1|Fall Semester 1|1|372|PHYS111 :GENERAL PHYSICS LAB 1||
1|First Year 1|Fall Semester 1|1|373|PHYS141 :GENERAL PHYSICS 1||
1|First Year 2|Spring Semester 1|2|364|PHYS112 :GENERAL PHYSICS LAB 2||
1|First Year 2|Spring Semester 1|2|366|PHYS132 :GENERAL PHYSICS 2||
1|First Year 2|Spring Semester 1|2|319|COMP142 :COMPUTER AND PROGRAMMING||
1|First Year 2|Spring Semester 1|2|367|ENME121 :ENGINEERING DRAWING||
1|First Year 2|Spring Semester 1|2|320|ARAB136 :ARABIC LANGUAGE SKILLS 2|170|
1|First Year 2|Spring Semester 1|2|321|PHED120 :PHYSICAL EDUCATION||
1|First Year 2|Spring Semester 1|2|371|MATH132 :CALCULUS AND ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY 2||
2|Second Year 1|Fall Semester 2|1|365|MATH234 :INTRODUCTION TO LINEAR ALGEBRA||
2|Second Year 1|Fall Semester 2|1|322|COMP231 :ADVANCED PROGRAMMING|319|
2|Second Year 1|Fall Semester 2|1|370|MATH331 :ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS||
2|Second Year 1|Fall Semester 2|1|323|COMP233 :DISCRETE MATHEMATICS||176
2|Second Year 1|Fall Semester 2|1|326|ENCS234 :DIGITAL SYSTEMS|319|
2|Second Year 1|Fall Semester 2|1|327|ENEE331 :PROBABILITY AND ENGINEERING STATISTICS|371|
2|Second Year 2|Spring Semester 2|2|329|ENCS238 :COMPUTER ORGANIZATION|326|
2|Second Year 2|Spring Semester 2|2|330|ENEE234 :CIRCUIT ANALYSIS||177
2|Second Year 2|Spring Semester 2|2|331|ENGC231 :ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS - (A)|318|
2|Second Year 2|Spring Semester 2|2|332|MATH330 :NUMERICAL METHODS|319,365|
2|Second Year 2|Spring Semester 2|2|324|COMP2321 :DATA STRUCTURES|319|
3|Third Year 1|Fall Semester 3|1|344|ENEE334 :SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS||
3|Third Year 1|Fall Semester 3|1|340|ENCS311 :ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE LAB|329|
3|Third Year 1|Fall Semester 3|1|325|COMP333 :DATABASE SYSTEMS|324|
3|Third Year 1|Fall Semester 3|1|341|ENCS338 :MICROPROCESSOR-BASED SYSTEMS||
3|Third Year 1|Fall Semester 3|1|342|ENEE213 :CIRCUITS AND ELECTRONICS LAB|343,364|
3|Third Year 1|Fall Semester 3|1|343|ENEE236 :ANALOG ELECTRONICS||
3|Third Year 2|Spring Semester 3|2|345|ENEE339 :COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS|327,344|
3|Third Year 2|Spring Semester 3|2|346|ENEE332 :CONTROL SYSTEMS|330,344|
3|Third Year 2|Spring Semester 3|2|347|ENCS533 :ADVANCED DIGITAL SYSTEMS DESIGN|329|
3|Third Year 2|Spring Semester 3|2|316|BUSA2301 :ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT||
3|Third Year 2|Spring Semester 3|2|348|ENCS339 :OPERATING SYSTEMS|329|
3|Third Year 2|Spring Semester 3|2|349|ENCS333 :DIGITAL INTEGRATED CIRCUITS|326,343|
4|Fourth Year 1|Fall Semester 4|1|333|CULS332 :MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARAB THOUGHT||
4|Fourth Year 1|Fall Semester 4|1|350|ENCS313 :LINUX LABORATORY||
4|Fourth Year 1|Fall Semester 4|1|351|ENCS411 :COMPUTER DESIGN LAB|328,341|
4|Fourth Year 1|Fall Semester 4|1|352|ENCS431 :DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING|329,344|
4|Fourth Year 1|Fall Semester 4|1|353|ENCS434 :ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE|319,323|
4|Fourth Year 1|Fall Semester 4|1|354|ENCS436 :COMPUTER NETWORKS|345|
4|Fourth Year 1|Fall Semester 4|1|355|ENCS438 :INTERFACING TECHNIQUES|341,343|
4|Fourth Year 2|Spring Semester 4|2|360|ENEE411 :COMMUNICATIONS LAB|345|
4|Fourth Year 2|Spring Semester 4|2|334|COMP433 :SOFTWARE ENGINEERING|325|
4|Fourth Year 2|Spring Semester 4|2|356|ENCS412 :INTERFACING LABORATORY|355|
4|Fourth Year 2|Spring Semester 4|2|357|ENCS413 :COMPUTER NETWORKS LABORATORY|354|
4|Fourth Year 2|Spring Semester 4|2|358|ENCS437 :COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE|329|
4|Fourth Year 2|Spring Semester 4|2|359|ENCS531 :REAL-TIME APPLICATIONS AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS|348,350|
4|Fourth Year 3|Summer Course 4|3|363|ENCS401 :PRACTICAL TRAINING||
5|Fifth Year 1|Fall Semester 5|1|361|ENCS521 :COMPUTER ENGINEERING ETHICS||
5|Fifth Year 1|Fall Semester 5|1|362|ENCS532 :DATA AND NETWORK SECURITY|354|
5|Fifth Year 1|Fall Semester 5|1|335|ENCS514 :REAL-TIME SYSTEMS LAB||
5|Fifth Year 1|Fall Semester 5|1|338|ENCS520 :INTRODUCTION TO GRADUATION PROJECT||
5|Fifth Year 2|Spring Semester 5|2|336|ENCS515 :ADVANCED COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING LAB|335|
5|Fifth Year 2|Spring Semester 5|2|337|ENCS530 :GRADUATION PROJECT|338,363|