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The services that are offered through the program are designed to accelerate the succcessful development of IT-based business startups.


We offer workshops and provide tools to help participants generate both incremental and breakthrough ideas. This website is one of the tools that we use to introduce the participants to the meaning and significance of entrepreneurship in the context of discovering, evaluating, and exploiting business opportunities.


Smart entrepreneurs recognize the value of a well written business plan. The likelihood of securing financing is increased if the business plan is reviewed and critiqued by an independent third party. Our team of experts are dedicated to assisting the participants in reviewing and refining their business plans and better prepare them for presentation to potential investors.


Qualified entrepreneurs can be eligible to receive seed funding which is intended to help refine the business idea, create the first service or product, and market the service for the first time. This ensures that viable business opportunities are captured despite being too risky for investors and venture capitalists.


At some point of their business development process, most entrepreneurs look for knowledge, capital, and business advice. At the same time, investors look for the most viable break-through business ideas to pour their capital into. In cooperation with our program partners, we match early-stage startups with potential investors.


Pre-incubation program sponsors

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Business Plan Book 2013

business plan book 2013
Empowering Future Technology Entrepreneurs initiative gives university students the opportunity to develop business ideas and implement viable startups.

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To advance innovation and creativity in future IT generations in Palestine.


To cultivate a nurturing environment within the center that promotes the productive flow of critical thinking, creative ideas, and innovation in IT and its various applications.

How We Work

We facilitate the effective use of information and communication technologies for meaningful purposes in underserved Palestinian communities.

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