Cultural Studies Courses
CULS231 Ancient and Islamic Civilization. 
CULS331  Modern and Contemporary European Civilization

CULS332 Modern and Contemporary Arab Thought
CULS438  Seminar in Cultural Studies. 

Philosophy Courses

PHIL231 Introduction to Philosophy. 
PHIL232 Introduction to Logic. 
PHIL233 Ancient Philosophy.
PHIL234Arab Islamic Philosophy. 
PHIL235 Modern Philosophy.  
PHIL236 19th and 20th Century philosophy. 
PHIL331 Theories of Ethics.  
PHIL332 Introduction to Aesthetic. 
PHIL333Philosophy of Sience.  
PHIL334 Pollitical Philosophy.  
PHIL335 Philosophy of History. 
PHIL431 Epistemology.
PHIL432 Metaphisical Studies. 
PHIL438 Seminar in Philosophy. 

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CULS331: Modern and Contemporary European CIvilization:

This  course is concerned with the study and analyis of  classical texts (complete  or in partial selection) of European thought from the Renaissance to the present. The texts are meant to represent  important intellectual currents and schools of thought (philosophical, social, political)  which contributed to the definition and structuring of European culture over the past few centuries.(Course requirement: completion of 35 credit hrs).

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CULS332: Modern and Contemporary Arab Thought:

This course deals with the rise and development of Modern and contemporary Arab Thought. This is carried out through a systematic and deep-searching study of important intellectual and cultural currents. These include reformism, religious fundamentalism, nationalism, socialism, liberalism, etc. The course also deals with the interaction between these currents and the Arab-Islamic heritage, as well as Western Civilization. Finally, the course deals with the most important challenges which face Al-Mashriq And Al-Maghreb, which include: imperialism and decolonization, the national state and Arab unity, Democracy, Pan-Arabism and Islam, dependency and independence, problems of Arab-Islamic Culture, minorities, innovation and creativity, Palestine and the Zionist Challenge.(Course requirement: completion of 35 credit hrs).

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